Which Sweetener is Healthy For You Aspartame or Agave?


Aspartame, aslo known as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure is added to

food and drinks to make them taste sweet. MSN made a list of the worst sweeteners, which included Aspartame, Agave (shocker!), and Sucralose. What is Aspartame? It is a synthetic chemical composed of three ingredients – two amino acids and a methyl ester bond.
Our bodies metabolize Aspartame into both wood alcohol (a poison) and formaldehyde. This additive causes brain damage and can lead to birth defects, cancer and weight gain. I do not want my children, husband, or anyone consuming this ingredient.
Now to touch on Agave, which is supposed to be a healthy alternative. Agave has a higher fructose content than any commercial sweetener — ranging from 70 to 97 percent, depending on the brand. To give a comparison, High Fructose Corn Syrup averages 55 percent.

A healthy alternative: Stevia, or raw honey
1.       Watch out for new “healthy” alternatives.
2.       Keep your fructose intake below 25 grams per day

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