What Is PGPR Doing In My Chocolate?

I am skipping ahead to the letter P because I was so mad about this manufactured ingredient I discovered in chocolate bars. I went to purchase a chocolate bar and was reading the ingredients. I usually purchase organic dark chocolate, but decided to look at the ingredients in a Hershey’s chocolate bar (which I used to eat all the time). Cocoa butter is no longer listed because companies replaced it with a cheaper genetically modified ingredient PGPR!! 

The Center of Science In the Public Interest gives PGPR a “safe” rating and here is what its site says:


Emulsifier: Chocolate candy, margarine.
PGPR is one of those mysterious chemicals that manufacturers use in food production. It stabilizes low-fat, high-water margarines and helps the “flow properties” in candy production. Despite its long chemical name, PGPR is safe.

But why do we eat food? The primary purpose is to nourish our bodies! We shouldn’t have to worry whether or not the food we are consuming could harm our bodies. PGPR replaced cocoa butter, which did offer nutritional benefits. Plus, it does not taste as good. PGPR can leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Why can’t manufacturers just leave our food alone.

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