Vitamin D For Your Baby and You

My wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Amber Moravec, DC, FICPA, gave me some great information on vitamins to help aid me in my recovery from my bones separating during my birth of Little Man. Vitamin D was one of her recommendations. After 5 visits for fixing my symphasis diastasis of the pubic bone, I feel back to my normal self thanks to Dr. Moravec’s AMAZING work. Plus, she is always willing to answer my questions, and give advice related to my body and my childrens’ bodies.

After my doctor recommended a daily dose of vitamin D while breastfeeding, I did some research. Dr. Moravec’s advice confirmed my findings. Now, I give my kids their recommended daily amount of vitamin D. Why? Vitamin D is not produced in breast milk. And for adults, very few foods naturally contain vitamin D. Also, infants (and those who live in colder states like MN) do not usually see a lot of sun, from which we should get 60-80% of our vitamin D. We need vitamin D because it boosts the immune system, prevents autoimmune diseases, and prevents cancer. It helps absorb calcium, and treat skin conditions. So how much should you take?

Infants 400 IU/day
Kids > one 1,000 IU/day
Adults 2,000 – 4,000 IU/day Recommend 600-800 IU/day for non deficient person

I use Carlson Super Daily D, which contains 365 drops (400 IU per drop), which you can put on food or mixed in other liquids such as milk, water or juice. My two-year old, E, likes to wait for the drop to land in her mouth, but little man doesn’t keep his mouth open long enough, so I simply place a drop on my breast before feeding him. This brand is sugar-free, soy-free, corn-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and preservative free.


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