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Healthy School Lunch Ideas With Smoothies

More Healthy School Lunch Ideas!

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Kids can bring you so much joy, but can consume so much of your energy. My son, Little Dude, colored on the wall of our kitchen the other day, which is a first at our house. Later that day, he picked up dog poop and ran over to show me his treasure. Oh, the adventures! Someone posted this quote on Facebook at the perfect time. At least he didn’t shave our dog. On another note…Last night, Sweet cheeks requested salmon for her lunch. Hot dogs one day and salmon the next – I will take it! I find asking my kiddos what they want to eat the next day makes them excited to eat their healthy lunch.photo (26)

We also enjoy smoothies in our lunch. These silicone yogurt tubes¬†are easy to clean and fit in the Ziploc tray above, or in a lunch box. We make a variety of smoothies. One of our favorite recipes is the Rejuvenating and Revitalizing¬†Blueberry¬†Smoothie. Try adding spinach to the smoothie for a veggie fix or adding peanut butter or almond butter for protein. My kids don’t even know when I add the spinach, and they love when I add the peanut or almond butter :) Follow the recipe and pour the smoothie into the silicone tubes. Place the tubes in the freezer. Remove the next morning and put the tubes in the lunch box. The smoothie is almost completely melted by lunch time. My kids like them when they are frozen, so we use these at breakfast time as well!


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