Letter C – Caramel Coloring

When I hear the word caramel, I think of caramel corn or caramel sauce on ice cream. Yum, right? However, this color additive can have harmful effects on our body!

Here is an informative article on the negative effects of caramel coloring: FDA Urged to Prohibit Carcinogenic “Caramel Coloring”

The problem with caramel coloring today is that manufacturers use different reactants. For instance, dark sodas have class IV caramel coloring and contain sulfites and ammonia. Studies have shown that this coloring causes cancer in mice and rats. If this color additive is listed as one of the first ingredients on the label, there is a high amount in the food, drink, or sauce, and I would recommend throwing out the item. Also, make sure you are not consuming multiple foods and drinks during the day that contain this additive because it is the amount of the coloring that can be harmful.

Why do we need this color in soda, baked goods, sauces, food, and other drinks? Because it is great marketing! We eat with our eyes. If the food looks good, has great color and form, we are more likely to purchase than if the food was plain and without shape.

To avoid the additive and preservative in the processed form, make your own caramel coloring with this recipe!

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