Let’s Make It Easy

Rule of thumb: When buying packaged food – if there are four ingredients or fewer you are likely safe. But if there are more than four ingredients, READ CAREFULLY. More ingredients on a package usually mean more processing!

So what are all the added ingredients, how do they affect our body, and what are healthy, but EASY alternatives? As a mom of soon to be two, I know buying pre-made snack bars or fruit purees are easier than cooking or making the food, but this option is not as healthy as the latter option. I came up with some healthy recipes that are quick, freezable, and that will last for the week. And the key to staying healthy and fit is balance. Too much of any one ingredient/food can be unhealthy.

Also, I have articles regarding information on added/artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, healthy fats, preservatives, and other topics, which I have compiled over the years from talking with dietitians and doctors. Finding an unbiased site is difficult, so I hope to provide facts from studies and information from people who care about how our bodies work.

First, I want to share an app called Fooducate (http://www.fooducate.com/) that grades foods A+ being the healthiest. This app also links you to information on common additives such as inulin, high fructose corn syrup, azodicarbonamide, erythritol, aspartame and more!

I am going to go to start my blog with information on ingredients that begin with the letter “A” and go through the alphabet. Enjoy!

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