How To Eat Healthy In The Skyway

For pregnant working moms, finding a healthy option in the skyway might be difficult. If you forget, or don’t have time to pack a lunch in the morning, here is an interesting article on how to eat healthy in the skway, which contains some helpful tips on how to choose healthy options off of fast food/restaurant menus.

My comments:
1. Gluten free does not always mean the item is healthy. Sometimes gluten free is a marketing ploy and the item may contain a lot of sugar and no real nutrients.
2. Always ask what is in the sauce or dressing that comes with the sandwich or salad. Dressings usually contain sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, unhealthy fat, and preservatives – meaning a lot of calories and no nutrional benefit! Ask for the dressing on the side, request no mayo, and use balsamic vinegar and olive oil if it is an option.
3. The oatmeal at Caribou or Starbucks is a good option if you don’t add the brown sugar, but just some nuts (almonds or pecans). Oatmeal is great for balancing your blood sugar levels and the nuts add some protein.
4. Portion control! Most of the orders are twice the amount of food we need. Split an entree with a co-worker, have a cup of soup instead of a bowl, or eat half of that whole grain bread roll. Ask for extra veggies if you do not feel full.
5. Make sure you eat something for breakfast, so you do not over eat at lunch. Grab someĀ roasted almonds in the convenient store for a light snack before lunch if you feel ravished.

Small changes make a difference!

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