Dust On Your Sunscreen

The cold weather has arrived in MN, which means it’s vacation time to someplace warm! (But don’t let a cold sunny day fool you. The sun can still burn your skin in the winter.) Packing sunscreen is a must with our fair skin when traveling, so I was excited to happen upon this product.

Celebrity Anne Heche created Tickle Time, a mineral powder sunblock for kids that won’t run into their eyes, leave a white sticky mess, or make the kids run away screaming “No!”

This product caught my attention because it is a non-toxic, chemical-free mineral powder sunblock that is free from dyes, oils, fragrance, talc, alcohol, parabens, cornstarch, and other chemicals. Tickle Time provides complete UVA/UVB protection from the sun and the environment. Plus, kids with eczema, or allergy prone skin can use this sunscreen since it does not absorb into the skin!

For $35, each applicator contains enough powder for about 300 applications on your child. I am assuming this number is referring to applications to the face, since every child varies in size. Tickle Time offers three different complexions: light, light to medium (including olive), and medium to darker skin.

Offering a SPF 30 would be a nice addition since right now the powder is only SPF 20. Remember, anything above SPF 30 is pretty much a marketing ploy :)

If you still like the traditional sunscreen, you can view my previous post  ‘What Ingredients Are In Your Sunscreen’ for other recommendations.

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