Arsenic In Our Rice?!

In my previous post, I mentioned some benefits of avoiding rice cereal for your babies. Here is another reason: new reports show “worrisome levels” of carcinogenic arsenic — especially from rice grown in certain states. Now I really want to invest time in expanding my garden next year, but for now I will have to continue to shop smart and shop the farmer markets!

“I think a prudent position for the next few months or years … is that parents avoid rice or at least avoid any rice that comes from Texas, Louisiana or Missouri, and when in doubt go with barley or oatmeal,” Dr. Philip Landrigan, a professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital School of Medicine, said on CBS’ “This Morning.”

As part of its rice report, Consumer Reports offered specific recommendations to reduce arsenic exposure, including:

• Limiting children to about a quarter cup of uncooked rice per week and adults to a half-cup.
• Rinsing raw rice thoroughly before cooking.
• Cooking rice in a manner similar to pasta: using six cups of water per one cup of rice and pouring off the excess water after it’s cooked. (This works better with brown rice than with white.)
• Clean vegetables, especially potato skins, thoroughly.
• Limit consumption of other foods that can contain significant arsenic, including apple and grape juice.

For the full article click here:,0,5538411.story?j&dssReturn

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