I started this site to educate people on ingredients in food and in products and how they affect our body. My son and I are lactose intolerant, and we experience the frustration of eating out, finding delicious and healthy meals, and buying a quick, yet healthy snack. I want families, especially those will allergies, to have access to REAL, healthy food that fits their lifestyle. I know eating healthy is not always convenient, so my goal is to help provide kid and allergy friendly recipes and meals that are quick and easy! Food should be fun, delicious, and energizing. I want to help you eliminate any frustration you have with obtaining your healthy living and clean eating goals.

Jane Kramer is wife to a stud husband and mother of two amazing, non-stop moving kids. She is currently completing her MBA, Masters in Business, from St. Thomas Opus School of Business and her CCN from Dr. Bob Rakowski. Her grandpa, Dr. Emilio Giuliani, a world-renowned cardiologist, inspired her at a young age to learn about how the body works. As Miss Minnesota National Teen-ager, she spoke about and educated people on childhood obesity. Her biology background and passion for health and fitness led her to start a blog, Lou Lou Ingredients. Her goal is to educate people, especially mothers, on how the ingredients in food and in products affect their bodies. She understands that mothers work on a budget and a time line, so she created some quick, healthy and cost-conscious meals and snacks for families. Her blog turned into speaking engagements for birthing centers, mom’s groups, chiropractic centers, and MOPS groups.


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