A Quick and Healthy Snack For Toddlers or Moms

Here is a great snack you can buy at a health foods store, or order online: Just Tomatoes Peas, cherries, veggies, blueberries and more.

Just Tomatoes, Etc.¬†also makes fruit powder for smoothies. And the only ingredient is the vegetable or the fruit! These are great for days when you are running errands.When I don’t have time to make food, this is what I grab for my daughter and me. I could never get my daughter to eat peas until she tried these freeze dried peas. They are slightly crunchy and then melt in your mouth – delicious!

Here is the website, if you would like to order online:

East Side Food Co-op, Minneapolis MN
Fresh and Natural, Hudson WI
Fresh and Natural, Shoreview MN
Fresh and Natural, Bloomington MN

*Other locations are listed on their website

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