4 New Ways To Eat Your Spinach

Spinach is sometimes a hard food for children to consume, mainly because it does not look that exciting to eat. However, this super food is full of phytonutrients and flavinoids that provide powerful antioxidant protection! In addition, Spinach is full of vitamins. One cup cooked provides (daily value):

Vitamin K 1110.6%
Vitamin A 377.3%
Manganese 84%
Folate 65.7%
Magnesium 39.1%
Iron 35.7%

Here are some ways I incorporate spinach into our meals:

1. Bright Green Confetti: Chop spinach leaves and sprinkle over pasta, soup or pizza

2. Mini Spinach Rolls: slice veggies and place in the middle of large spinach leaves. Add a teaspoon of
hummus, roll up and eat

3. Green Eggs: in my previous Toddler Scrambled Eggs post, I used zucchini. But, you can substitute spinach. Puree the spinach with a few drops of water and scramble in with the eggs

4. Green Machine Smoothie: place a quarter cup of baby spinach into your fruit smoothie. Your kids will like the green color. Plus, the spinach doesn’t change the taste! Amazing right?

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